Bavinck’s Books

“We must not close without emphasizing the delight we take in Dr. Bavinck’s writings. In them extensive learning, sound thinking, and profound religious feeling are smelted intimately together into a product of singular charm. . . . And the lectures and brochures he from time to time presents an eager public are worthy of the best traditions of Reformed thought and Reformed eloquence.”

B.B. Warfield, The Princeton Theological Review (1903)

Books by Bavinck (in English):

The Christian Family (1912), translated by Nelson Kloosterman in 2012.

Saved by Grace: The Holy Spirit’s Work in Calling and Regeneration (RHB, 2008).

Essays on Religion, Science, and Society (Baker Academic, 2008).

*Reformed Dogmatics, Bavinck’s magnum opus in 4 volumes (Baker Academic, 2008). The set has also been electronically formatted by Logos Bible Software.

*Reformed Dogmatics. Volume 4 — Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation (Baker Academic, 2008).

*Reformed Dogmatics. Volume 3 — Sin and Salvation in Christ (Baker Academic, 2006).

*Reformed Dogmatics. Volume 2 — God and Creation (Baker Academic, 2004).

*Reformed Dogmatics. Volume 1 — Prolegomena (Baker Academic, 2003).

*Reformed Dogmatics: Abridged in One Volume (Baker Academic, 2011). The original 4-volume work shrunken from 3,000 to 850 pages.

In the Beginning (1999).

The Last Things (1996).

Foundations of Psychology (1981).

The Certainty of Faith (1903, 1980). Translated into English by Harry der Nederlanden. Purchase the book here ($15) or download a free, though imperfect, version of the PDF here (0.5MB).

Biblical and Religious Psychology (1974).

*Our Reasonable Faith (1956, 1977). The most outstanding single-volume introduction to Bavinck’s theology.

The Doctrine of God (1951, 1977).

Christian Education, a summary by Brederveld (1928).

*The Philosophy of Revelation (1909, 1953, 1979). Read or download the 1909 version of this book for free here. Or through the Internet Archive here.

Calvin and Common Grace (1909). Originally published as a chapter in Calvin and the Reformation. Read or download the 1909 version of this book free here.

The Sacrifice of Praise (1908, 1922). Read the book online for free here.

Christelijke Wereldbeschouwing (The Christian Worldview). Dutch version only. See the Internet Archive for the 1904 or 1913 editions.

Books on Bavinck (in English):bavinck-xl

John Bolt, Herman Bavinck on the Christian Life: Following Jesus in Lawful Obedience (Crossway, August 2015). A brilliant synthesis of Bavinck’s theology as it applies to the Christian life. The book concludes with “The World-Conquering Power of Faith” (1 John 5:4b), a previously untranslated sermon.

Daniel Strange, Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions (Zondervan, January 2015). While not entirely devoted to Herman Bavinck, much of it is (and a fair bit to J.H. Bavinck). The book turns to Bavinck to resolve the question of why non-Christian religions flourish under God’s sovereignty.

Ron Gleason, Herman Bavinck: Pastor, Churchman, Statesman, and Theologian (P&R, 2010). A full-length biography.

Eric Bristley, Guide to the Writings of Herman Bavinck (RHB, 2008).

Richard Gaffin, God’s Word in Servant Form: Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck and the Doctrine of Scripture (2008).

Jan Veenhof, Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck (2006).

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