New Bavinck Journal

The latest issue of the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology is devoted to Bavinck. Here’s a run-down of its contents: Bavinck Issue (29/1 — Spring 2011) Guest Editorial JAMES EGLINTON 1-3 Bavinck’s Use of Wisdom Literature in Systematic Theology JOHN BOLT 4-23 Bavinck’s Use of Augustine as an Antidote to Ritschl MARK W. ELLIOTT 24-40 […]

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Trueman on Bavinck

Special thanks to Themelios for granting us permission to post a valuable editorial written by Carl Trueman titled “Some Advantages of Going Dutch.” It appeared in the opening pages of Themelios back in June 2000, and it has never appeared online. In the editorial Trueman recounts his introduction to Bavinck’s writings and then asks a […]

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Reformed Dogmatics, Abridged

John Bolt’s new abridgement of Herman Bavinck’s 4-volume magnum opus, Reformed Dogmatics, is now available for purchase. My copy arrived in the mail on Tuesday and since it arrived I have been browsing through the new abridgement and comparing a handful of sections with the original unabridged work. By all accounts it appears Bolt has […]

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