One simple goal drives this site: Keep in one place an uncluttered collection of everything written by, and about, Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck (1854–1921) in English.

And of course you can help us grow. Please pass along suggestions or contributions to us.

Thanks for reading!

Tony Reinke
crede.ut.intelligas AT mac DOT com

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Herman Bavinck, “Creation or Development,” trans. Rev. J. Hendrik de Vries. The Methodist Review (Nov. 1901): 849-874.

  2. Tony, you rock! thank you for single-handedly restoring my faith in the internet. Keep putting Bavinck in everybody’s Kool-Aid up there.

  3. No, nathan, you rock! Although I had a little background with Bavinck it was not until we moved east and I met you that my vision for the importance of the man really solidified. Many conversations over the island in the break room and in your tiny corner office are to thank for the very existence of this website. Blessings, my friend! Tony

  4. Hello, To your knowledge, is anyone translating Bavinck’s “The Christian Worldview?” I would certainly enjoy and benefit from this book.
    – Reggie

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