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2009.04.14 – Dr. Ron Gleason (author of the full-length biography), “Introduction to Herman Bavinck,” a lecture delivered at Twin Lakes Fellowship [56:52]. Dr. Ron Gleason presented an introduction to the life and writings of Herman Bavinck. His address is divided into six sections: (1) Bavinck the Pastor, (2) Bavinck the Theologian, (3) Bavinck the Churchman, (4) Bavinck the Man with Warts, (5) Bavinck the Statesman, and (6) Bavinck the Author. An excellent summary was published by Nicholas Batzig here and audio of the address can be downloaded here or listed to online here:

Gleason distributed two papers at the conference, including a helpful biography, which you can download here:

Dr. Herman Bavinck (1854-1921): A Short Sketch of a Reformed Theologian, Pastor, Churchman, & Statesman.” [57 page PDF]

Herman Bavinck’s Understanding of John Calvin on the Lord’s Supper” [32 page PDF].

2008.10.03 – Reformed Forum: “Herman Bavinck,” an interview with Dr. Ron Gleason [61:29]. Fast-forward to 26:10 for an excellent introduction to Bavinck. Download MP3 (28.2MB). Listen:


5 thoughts on “Free Audio

  1. Many thanks for making this conference audio available! It is much appreciated.

    A request: it would even more appreciated 🙂 if the format was MP3 rather than Real Player! Would it be possible to post MP3 versions for those unable to do the conversion themselves?

  2. David, I understand your preferences as they are mine as well. I don’t originate these audio files. This website is really an online index of what others have produced so what form everything takes is really beyond my control.

  3. Scan the web and you will find free programs to convert real audio to mp3 files. I found a great one called ‘total video converter’, which I original got to convert video, but found that it also converts audio and does a fine job converting real audio to mp3. I’m sure there are many other free programs around.

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