Article Added: The Problem of War

Herman Bavinck’s article “The Problem of War” was originally published in 1914, translated into English by Stephen Voorwinde and published in the Banner of Truth magazine (July-Aug 1977) pp. 46-53. It has been reissued by permission of the publisher, retypeset, and now presented online (for the first time) as a downloadable PDF. Click over to […]

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Article Request

If any readers possess the following article I would appreciate a copy to share with the community: “The Problem of War.” Translated by Stephen Voorwinde. Banner of Truth 166-167 (July-Aug 1977): 46-53 If you possess a copy of this translated article, please leave a comment or send me an email (crede.ut.intelligas [AT] mac [DOT] […]

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1,500 hits

The 1,500 hits on this website on its first day was a great surprise and the level of interest in Bavinck by English readers is encouraging. I plan to continue utilizing this site to pass along updates so check back often (better yet, subscribe to this blog feed in an RSS reader). I’ll post Bavinck […]

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